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While in New Orleans

Here’s a thin list of things to do:

eat – all you really need to know is that they have 4 seasons in New Orleans: Oyster, Crab, Shrimp, and Crawfish. Better get while the getting’s not sopped with oil.

Cochon – their bacon bar is good for a quick bite, best bet

Nola – Emeril actually can run an awesome restaurant, despite being a doucher

Domilise’s – well worth the hunt, judge all po boys off this

Willie Mae’s – 90 year old lady doing fried chicken and gettin james beard awards for it

Commanders Palace – especially for jazz brunch, nola institution

August – this place was over the top. Fillet with oxtail and marrow, i giggled like a school girl when i found the oxtail in the potato that was shaped like a bone.

I could keep on going, Patois is the restaurant that they’re using in the show Treme, the food looks awesome there too

they have good food in the airport, that’s the best way i can put how good the food is there


Preservation Hall – tourist spot that’s still  amazing

Snug Harbor – keep an eye out for Ellis Marsalis

Spotted Cat – my personal favorite establishment. I’d be there every night if I lived there. Look out for st louis slim and the feral cats (wed nights i believe) calypso and dixieland, what they call calypsyland

Apple Barrel – more on the bluesy end

dba – eclectic, great booze selection and drinks

any other place on Frenchman st

Circle Bar – good for indie-ish rock

jump in on a second line, not sure how to go about this however

Pat o’Briens – the tray player and the “dueling” piano bar plus awesome courtyard


Napoleons Bar

If you see the jimmy buffet bar in the quarter, skip it. So lame.

Be careful of the daiquiris to go, sickly sweet and expensive

Just be wary in general while in the french quarter

Sazeracs, official cocktail of the city

Brandy milk punch, better that a bloody mary for brunch imo

Barqs in a bottle or their red drink

there’s a pirate bar im blanking but its near jackson square…


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