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I’m working on a piece on the topic with a friend, and I figured hopefully some good people will see this add their 2 cents to the topic that will help shape the final product. The thesis is that despite the success and history of bicycles in Davis, the city is, and has been not nearly as accommodating of bicycles as it could, and should be for some time. Davis is merely tolerant of bicycling and clings to this image to help prop itself up as a progressive community that allows retirees from Sacramento and families of older professionals a sheltered place to live.

One thing I’d like to examine is why the 5th St. road diet has taken as long as it has. All the research has been done, along with plans for implementation. It clearly makes Davis a more bike-friendly place, more eco-friendly and even a safer place to be – all things Davis purports to be, but why the hesitation?

Another aspect is spending and infrastructure. While being first in the nation to adopt bike lanes in the 60’s, the town has been slow to implement newer ideas from abroad since. Bike sharing programs and colored lanes have put cities like Portland and Chicago at the forefront. Bike ridership in fact has decreased despite the town and schools both growing in population.

Davis is by most measures a good place to bicycle, and for that deserves recognition. However, like many communities that are thought to be progressive, NIMBY-ism often overrules.


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