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After attending a community workshop for SACOG, I couldn't help but get the feeling that there is a disproportionate distribution of age at civic events. Why is that? To me, it seems that those who are youngest have more at stake than those that, and bluntly put, seniors are about to die. There seems to be a disconnect between basing policies on the desires of seniors and making the best decision for the population as a whole. Fortunately for them our population is aging.


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Race is such a hot button topic nowadays that even sports writers jump into the fray.


Does everyone from Texas have an aw-shucks kind of attitude?

"You can call me an idiot all you want, and many of you have. But when you label my entire community as racist, well, I cannot sit back without saying something. Let me tell you about Houston fans."

Well Mr. Ortiz would argue that you can't characterize an entire population by such a small sample. What I struggle with is how this is really newsworthy. A few bad apples the barrel does not make is a rather tedious arguement to make.

It's rather interesting to compare this to the The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell. I just started going through the beginnings of the book and apparently if you are of the select few you can have a profound effect and directly influence.

It just depends on what type of bad apple you are.

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From CNN.com
“Despite the turnout across the nation, some who typically support immigrants questioned the effectiveness of a day without them.

One of those was New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a Latino, who said he was concerned about sending the message that immigrants ‘come to America to work, yet they’re not working.'”

To me, the irony is just simply hilarious. As if the point really isn’t evident enough.

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